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It's that time of year again. Warm feelings of Joy and Love being prompted by the sight of Valentine's Hearts everywhere. Let those hearts be a reminder to take care of not just your emotional heart, but also your physical heart. Prevention is the best medicine, not just for a longer life, but also for the quality of the life we live.

While listening to the radio last week I heard some interesting quotes from a Doctor in Barrie. He said that the 2nd leading cause of death is heart attacks. "Every 7 minutes one person dies of a heart attack in Canada." He also said the main reason for that is the way we eat. Years ago we used to have more labour intensive jobs and we would eat better. Today our jobs are usually less intense and we eat much worse because of all the fast and processed food that is available.

Huge resources are continuously spent on researching, developing and marketing drugs for the treatment of heart disease. Sometime these drugs pose greater risk than benefits. Atherosclerosis (plaque build-up and hardening of the arteries) is the most common and fatal form of heart disease. And though there are drugs available to treat Atherosclerosis, did you know that it is readily preventable and even treatable with basic nutrients?

Most of us are lead to believe that we have to watch our cholesterol to prevent heart attack, however Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. In 2009, the American Heart Journal stated that 75% of all heart attack patients cholesterol levels were actually normal.  The trans fats are the worst because they become sugars in the body which stick to the protein fibres that make up the artery. Margarines, shortenings, oils and all processed package foods are the worst. The companies are claiming they are improving their products by getting rid of trans fats. However, they are still using processed oils and partially hydrogenated oils which have similar negative health effects.

How Healthy By Choice Can Help
This month we want to help you take care of your heart. We are proud to recommend Heart Healthy Supplements and we always have healthier food choices available in our Grocery section.

TZone DemonstrationOur T-Zone Vibration is great for your heart. For the month of February, we are proud to offer all new members $10.00 off your first month of membership.

We are also offering $2.00 off Fish Oils until the end of February.

We would like to share a great new product from Naka called Longevity. Longevity supports cardiovascular health, detoxification of the kidneys, liver, intestines, provides antioxidant protection, Immune fortification and helps to maintain proper muscle function. We will be providing samples of Longevity all month long. And if you like it, be sure to ask about our special introductory pricing.

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Welcome to our store and website! We offer a wide range of healthy and natural products and services for people concerned with managing their health and a clean environment. Our Award Winning store in Bradford has been carefully stocked with products proven to us to be beneficial. You will find a treasure of supplements, herbal remedies, personal care & beauty, household cleaners, organic foods, meat, plus natural gifts, candles, and more... 

We are heavily committed to Educating our Customers. This is done in three ways:
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