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How Does Your Body Eliminate Toxins

Every year you know how important it is to do Spring house cleaning and our bodies are no different. A cleanse helps stimulate the 7 channels of elimination with extra emphasis on the liver and colon. These two major channels of elimination need to work optimally in order for it to cleanse the whole body effectively

The body has 7 channels of elimination which are used to eliminate toxins from the body. These are:

  • LIVER - The liver changes harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body.
  • COLON - The colon eliminates toxins processed by the liver.
  • KIDNEYS - The liver sends water soluble waste to the kidneys, where they are further filtered and finally eliminated through the bladder.
  • BLOOD - The blood flows through the vascular system and carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, while at the same time, removing harmful waste.
  • SKIN - the skin eliminates waste and toxins through perspiration.
  • LUNGS - The lungs expel toxins through breathing and expelling mucous. Deep breathing stimulates lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins.
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM - The lymphatic system eliminates poisons through a network of vessels that extend throughout the body.

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Fair trade coffee is produced without pesticides or herbicides. It may or may not be labelled as sustainable, a marketing term that doesn’t have a concrete definition. Generally, it means that coffee has been produced in a way that’s friendly to people and the planet. A certified organic label ensures that a coffee brand was truly sustainably produced.

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