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Finally it seems like summer is here to stay. Everyone loves it when the sun shines.  We feel better, enjoy the warmth and we are getting additional Vitamin D... or are we? If you are using sunscreen, hat and sun glasses you are absorbing the Vitamin D. However there are potential health risk while in the sun when we use Sunscreen.  It is better to wear sun protective clothing, hats and stay out of the direct sun between 11AM - 2PM when the sun rays are most harmful. If you are enjoying the sun during these times pick a natural sunscreen.

When choosing a sunscreen avoid ingredients like oxybenzone, benzophene, octocrylera or octyl methoxcinnamate which may be linked to increased risk of malignant melanoma. Most sunscreens protect against UVB radiation and not the dangerous UVA. Sunscreen ingredients  penetrate the skin and can cause DNA damage. You can check out Wikipedia for more information. Click Here To find out what sunscreens are the safest according to "Environmental Working Group".

The SPF of a sunscreen doesn't refer to its strength, but rather to the amount of time it will (theoretically) protect you from UV rays. For example, if it takes 10 minutes for you to burn without applying sunscreen, applying sunscreen with SPF 15 puts your maximum sun exposure time at 150 minutes. Likewise, if you apply sunscreen with SPF 30, you should max out your sun exposure at 300 minutes. So it is important to continue to reapply sunscreen by the SPF number.


-Lycopene ... also found in tomatoes               

-Astaxanthin ... found in algae

-Vitamin D ... increases sun tolerance and protection against sun damage

-Omega 3's ... the concentration from EPA's & DHA's help protect

-Saturated Fats like Palm and Coconut oil     

-Herbal teas especially green tea because of the high antioxidants

-Berries are high in antioxidants ... We carry a powdered drink mix called Phytoberry which has all the antioxidants needed for a day

- Resveratrol (supplement from wine grapes) ... works as a phyto-protective

To help you out this summer we have natural products for you to use to Keep Bugs away, Allergy, Sports Injury relief, and Sunscreens which are $2.00 off until Spetember. If you are tired of stinky, gooey sprays and lotions to try to keep mosquitos away we have a new product called Mozi-Q which is a Homeopathic Remedy. It is an easy to use oral repellent which is a sweet tasting chewable tablet. It is effective in 30 minutes and can be taken every 2-3 hours.

We'll see you sometime this summer in our cool, air conditioned store.


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