50% OFF - Store Retirement Sale

Retirement Sale




50% OFF - Store Retirement Sale


Hello friends,

I regret to inform you that I have decided to close my Healthy By Choice store. After eight years of store operations the time has come to slow down and enjoy life at my country home with family and nine grandchildren. Over the past year I have met with twelve prospective purchasers, all with money but only one that I felt confident to take the store to the next level. Unfortunately that deal fell through.


We will be celebrating our retirement from September 15-19th. There will be refreshments and everything will be 50% off. Also if you have any interest in shelves or any other items in the store we will be selling them too.


I'm sad to leave you without my store to come to for convenience. However, I will be working from my home part time as a Health Advisor, plus offering services like Ionics, Muscle testing, T-Zone equipment, PEMF treatment and Urine testing. I'm very excited to offer PEMF Treatment to assist you with pain and healing. Check out this website:



Also with Urine testing it will give us a report on your health and will assist us in the decision of what supplements to chose for your health needs. My phone number and email will remain the same. 905-775-3094 and Mary@HealthyByChoice.biz


Although this is a sad time for me leaving the store it is encouraging to know that I can still help you with your health concerns. Plus this will give me more time for my family and other commitments.


Please come by the store, enjoy some refreshments and stock up at 50% off while stock lasts.


Thank you for your patronage and friendship over the years.